Panorama "Fly to Panorama Position" incorrect

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  • (Enscape-2.6.0-preview.5+9425 SU2019)

    I'm trying to re-create previous panoramas and didn't actually save the positions as separate "Views" like I normally do - but the Panorama section of the Manage Uploads has a button in it specifically for that... unfortunately when it's clicked on it does not put the camera back to that point in space.

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    Hey Gadget , thanks a lot for your report. :)

    I've not been able to reproduce this problem on my machine, but I have experienced this issue on a different machine before. Is there maybe any chance you can provide a step-by-step "guide" regarding how you reproduce this? As in, is there even anything "special" you're doing prior to rendering a panorama, or does this function simply not always work as intended?

    Thank you in advance!

  • There is not much to it: I open a model, start Enscape, open the Manage Uploads, click on one of the ones shown and click on the Fly To Panorama position.

    If I click on any of these, the marker's orientation changes in the mini-map, but the location does not move... I would guess that the location is 0,0,0 from the mini-map - Enscape has 'lost' or does not know the camera location. I have noticed it much quicker to load the previews (~1min rather than ~10min). Could it be something to do with having loads of panoramas (exactly 400 now) and running out of memory somewhere?

    (Generating them is just navigate to the position and click the button.)

  • Just tested with a few other models: the camera position is being relocated to the model's origin (main Axes in SU), but the camera orientation is being moved to look in the direction as was recorded when the panorama was created.


    Another clue: when I click on the mini-map to move to a location, the vertical z of the camera changes to 0. If I then relocate to Z > 2m and click on the mini-map, the camera's Z now changes as I click to different locations... Actually the Z and min-map do weird things: tried it again and although the Z moved to 0 from the location set by the panorama, clicking elsewhere set it to 1m... weird.

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    Thanks a lot Gadget , I've been able to reproduce this issue now and I have also filed a bug report accordingly. Thank you again for the report in general as well as for the further description!