• Any chance we could get an update on whats coming next after 2.6, there has been a lot of suggestions and upvoting so it would be nice to have a general idea what things are going to make it or not.

    For me being able to create my own library of objects remains top of list!!

    Hopeful Someone from Enscape will respond


  • Nuge , the development agenda will be updated soon accordingly. :) Thanks for the feedback! Also, the feature request to allow you to create your own library of objects has not been forgotten and is still quiet demanded - although we cannot make any promises regarding when this functionality will be implemented, yet.

  • Still no news on the future of Enscape, that's disappointing. There has been a great deal of up voting on this forum over the last few months but we have no idea what is coming (or not) please enlighten us on your plans, your general lack of a tangible roadmap that is based on WHAT USERS WANT is your archillies heel, you want our feedback and help with the testing but you constantly ignore us regarding future plans.

    We understand that development is not an exact science and that timeframes can vary, we understand that and are not looking for dates etc. Just look how long the last 2 versions have taken to develop and the issues you are clearly having implementing RTX, we get it, just give us something we can look forward to

  • Is this a thread that can be up-voted? If so I'd like to up-vote this. Please bring back the Trello dev. agenda or a new equivalent.

  • Thanks for the feedback Nuge. Please be aware, that for our 2.6 release, we pretty much stated all the new functionalities which will be implemented in our development agenda here. I suppose, you'd generally like to know what's coming with 2.8, 2.9 and so on? Or have you maybe not been aware of the development agenda thread just yet and we should make this one more visible?

    Also, we try our best to also keep everyone here updated as to what is coming next (preview /next release wise mostly) in the dedicated thread here.

    If this generally is not enough, kindly let me know and we'll see what we can do! Thanks for the feedback too Tyler , there is currently no such thread, but we can look into ways to provide this again in near future.