• Has anyone had success using Skybox? I am really having trouble setting context for the models I am making. Is there anyway to bound the horizon when not using skybox?

    Any tips or tricks for establishing boundaries within the model?

    Any tips for creating ocean?


  • ljohnson , pardon, could you further elaborate what you mean with "bound the horizon"? Do you want to set physical boundaries in your model or are you referring to something else? You can gladly send some screenshots to illustrate this subject better if you like. :)

    Also, which CAD solution are you using? Generally, to create a nice ocean around your project, you can simply create a rather large plane and add a water material to it. It depends on the CAD solution how this is being done, so gladly also check our material knowledgebase articles here for your specific CAD software.

  • Hi Demian, I am using Revit. While I can get a high quality water material, it seems impossible to bring that water plane to meet the horizon. I've shared an image of a basic model I am using, the site is sloping downhill. However, even if it was uphill, the water plane will never extend to the horizon, no matter how big I make it. Is there any trick to this?

    Hope this helps elaborate on my original post.