PROXIES are gone...

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  • Hi,

    Opening my SU file no proxies are loaded :cursing:

    Any mean to force reload the proxies/ (auto) relink te files?

    And yes, I've restarted my PC/ SU... none of the files where moved in whatsoever.


    - making an *.exe last week of the same file; resulted in 2 totally greyed people (people where native E3D proxies). All the other proxies where correctly loaded 8)

    • Official Post

    Hey timeless , I'm sorry to hear about that!

    Which version of Enscape are you using? When you created the project and placed down your proxies, you saved the project file, opened it and then all the proxies were gone? You can gladly got a bit further into detail, that would be very helpful. :) There is currently no way to automatically re- link/load the proxies.

    To get behind this problem, please also submit a feedback report as described here - the log files could tell us why this is occurring.

    Regarding the bug you mentioned below, this should be resolved by now. In case you experience this again, please remove the folder "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets\Data".

    This will ensure all asset data is downloaded again and should fix the issue.