Materials using nodes?

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  • Hi

    Might be a stupid question, but could it be technical possible to create somekind of node editor for Enscape / Sketchup?

    The reason I ask is, that I have used Octane a couple of times, and found the node way of doing things quite usefull - well a least when I got used to it :)

    It could be useful to setup some textures, and then be able to switch them around to fast check out the effect they have.

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    I'll file it as a feature request accordingly. :) If you want, you can also gladly let me know your exact use cases for this, so that I can also add it as further feedback feedback to the topic.

    jtubb , 3DS Max support has been requested before multiple times - I'll add your upvote to the existing topic on our agenda so that our developers are aware of the further demand for this implementation.

  • Just a simple way to

    - setup an material with reflections, bump map and....

    - then make a copy of that material, make some adjustments

    And then be able to swith between those materials just by pulling a connection from one of them.

    I guess now I have to select every single face in the model to switch materials. But I might be wrong..?

    When using Octane I often had variations of the same material flowing around as nodes, and then just connecting as needed.

    Not sure if it makes sense. And It's nothing I can't live without - just a thought :)

  • That sound very similar to this request: Copy Enscape texture settings from another material ... just with a slightly different terminology/way of working.

    Currently (in SU) you would have to do this by either:

    - selecting all the materials with one fill (relatively easy to do with r-clicking on the material in the model or on the palette) and then fill them with another fill.

    - Or selecting the desired fill and making note of all the settings and then selecting the target fill to manually changing these settings... which is a pain due to having to click three times per setting just to type in a specific value.

  • Hi gadget.

    Not sure I can figure out what you mean.

    I think I once used a plug-in called texture replacer by thom thom, but I’m not. I have to try it.

    I’m not at the computer right now. Is it possible to right click on a texture and make a copy in the enscape texture editor?