Saving Views in Enscape.

  • Hi Guys,

    Awesome software, just a suggestion, no doubt it been requested before, but just the ability to save Sketch-up scenes as camera views in Enscape would be fantastic, If you wanted to showcase a couple of parts of the model, to have a side menu with some views to click on would be fantastic.



  • I wish Archicad had this functionally, thought that 2.6 was going to bring Archicad up to date with the other plugins, bugger!!!

    We're definitely aware of the demand for this, it's just that implementing views / view creation and everything included poses a technical challenge (when it comes to ArchiCAD), but we're in the process of providing an "alternative" which is similar to the usual view creation system which is implemented in our other supported CAD solutions. :) Thank you for a bit more patience!