Who is using the license

  • We have a floating license of Enscape. I am the main user of Enscape, but sometimes one of my colleges is trying it as well.

    The problem is that my colleges are scattered over Europe and not always in the office. So i can't give a shout out who is using the license.

    Isn't it possible to just report who is using the license in the screen, no slot available.. used by....

    makes things a lot easier.

  • samuelab , you are aware though that you can also always log into your Enscape Account to see who is using the license, who had been using the license and so on? In this case you could always simply see which user on which machine is using Enscape and just close Enscape accordingly on these machines if necessary.

    If you were not aware of that (then my apologies for not mentioning earlier!) let me know and I'll give you the instructions. In that case also kindly send me the e-mail which was used to purchase Enscape so that I can look up your account. :)

  • Demian Gutberlet I do have access to that interface, but that is an admin interface. We do not want to give our users access to the interface that gives them the code and the ability to order more licenses or mess with credit card information. We also do not want to have a universal password shared for the whole office.

    It`s not reasonable to expect that we will share the access to a admin login so that users can verify who is using the licence. When you open Enscape and it tells you the license is being used, that is where it should tell you who is using it. Either that or create another login type that is only used to check this information, but I think that would be a pretty terrible UX decision.

    snowyweston We have 250 employees. I`ve worked in an office where people send mass emails every time they need the Enscape license and it is annoying to most and pretty pathetic.

    The bottom line is we have known the solution to this problem for years: Just tell us who is using the license in Enscape directly.

    The only reason I can think of not doing this is to frustrate users into buying more licences. Either that or just bad UX understanding.

  • Thank you. I'll forward this additional feedback as well - I'm not able to give you any ETA yet regarding when this will be implemented though I'm afraid.

  • +1 on this request

    In Revit, I have the ability to send a request to a user so they can synchronize and relinquish borrowed elements. If Enscape is smart enough to recognize the network license is in use, perhaps there could be a request access button that notifies the current user that another user is trying to access. On the programming difficulty scale, I don't think this should be too hard to implement.

  • In the event that the license is tied up in the nether, a simple console allowing you to manually release seats would really take the program to the next level, and make my daily life easier from a software management perspective.