ability to save skybox position

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    i want to ask of is it a big problem to make skybox position fixed to the scene views in sketchup ?

    Pardon, could you very kindly specify that a bit further? I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to yet - would you like to have the ability to have a different skybox for each scene?

  • nope

    i need to save specific skybox angle /position/ with specific view in sketchup , when i render images it will save my time and it will be precise .

    but ability to save different skybox with each scene will be good too ofc .

  • As requested before:

    Initially I would like the ability to tag each of the individual settings within the Atmosphere tab as "default" for a specific view so that it would pull all of the values from a global (model) set of values. If any of these settings are changed while editing a specific view* then I would want these settings to remain with the view so that switching views would update the atmosphere settings along with all the other ones. (There would also need to be a way to reset the specific setting to 'default' again.

    (* currently there is no way to edit a view - you need to create a new one and erase the old one)

    As well as changing the horizon rotation I can also change the Longitude and Latitude to control the strength of the sun per view and I can see how every setting on this tab could allow designers a more refined scene-by-scene control that can be returned to 'live' rather than setting up for one specific capture.

  • The 2.6 will allow you to save visual settings with a view. This includes time of day and sky-box rotation.

    You can try out the latest preview. Look for the new "Enscape Views" tool bar icon.


    It will be in the 2.7... Got confused because I am working with debug build. You can try it out in the first preview after the 2.6 release which should come soon.

  • hi there,

    is there any workaround other then saving visual settings presets and load them accordingly for each scene?

    hope the 2.6 release is soon and that the debug build 2.7 gets previewd soon ;)

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