Capture Hotkey [None]

  • Capture Hotkey [None]

    as already mentioned elsewhere before and besides all the good and distinguished suggestions for improvements ;) I would like
    to (re)direct your focus on the "old" and simple things of life :):(

    This bug (yes, it's a bug!) is so very annoying. It is the most normal thing in the world to work with 2 or more SkUp instances simultanously here and there.
    Knowing that Enscape does not like that, I never dare to run enscape so :) Instead, I shut down all the unneeded SkUp instances first.

    But Enscape remains vindictive and offended and punishes me/us with a lapidary NONE :D;(
    The worst thing is that Enscape is only soothed by the time-consuming and inevitable sacrifice, that everything must be closed now and restarted again.

    I know this toolbar render button, but this is no replacement for a working hotkey.

    Please fix this - finally none of us gets out of the car to start this with a crank handle :);)

  • EGIE I recorded a bug report for this issue.

    The technical reason is, that the hotkey is system global and thus two instances of Enscape can not share the hotkey or weird behavior ensures. We will look into the issue and see how we can improve the situation.