Interface Overlay

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  • Interface Overlay

    We are trying to set up a suitable image to use as an interface overlay (company logo , contact details etc.) and could do with some advice.

    We have a custom output that we tend to use for still images of 4000 x 2250 and have noticed that the interface overlay image isn’t reaming a consistent size relative to the custom image output.

    The interface overlay image appears to be proportional to the window size rather than the custom image size. So if we render from a small window the interface overlay comes out larger than if a bigger window were used? The final image output is still 4000 x 2250 irrespective of the window size.

    Surely the interface overlay should be proportional to the custom image size rather than the window size?

    We were trying to set up the interface overlay image to avoid having to use Photoshop to add the company logo etc., but unless this issue can be rectified I am not sure we will be able to use this feature.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so was a suitable solution / workaround found?