Animations - Individual Camera Paths

  • Hi,
    I'm playing with the animation aspect of Enscape and I'm running into what I hope a simple issue. I'm trying to build multiple camera paths but when I do enscape links them together. "See image" - you can see there are two linear camera paths but there is a path that is connected them and I don't want this. What is the best approach to have multiple linear paths?


  • You will have to save them individually and then load them individually and then render them individually.

    It's been brought up a lot and I believe the Enscape team have it on their agenda for the future to batch render multiple paths and scenes.

    Patiently waiting myself.:)

  • Put camera three on the same timecode as camera two, it'll instantly jump from 2 to 3 then. This way you can export multiple camera rides in one go.

    I still prefer rendering separate camera paths in separate clips due to more flexibility in post and being able to do stuff like this.