Exit Preview / Time of Day - Clash

  • Hi

    I did post this previously but it was on a closed thread, so have re-posted as a new thread because i'm not sure if the developers check closed threads.

    Is it just me, or when in preview mode / safe frame mode, the time of day is hidden behind the "Exit Preview (ESC)".

    This is really frustrating as we adjust the time of day for each view in order to get the best image, but need to be able to make a note of the time of day. We then use this to set up view specific view templates in Revit as this is the only way we have been able maintain the desired daylight setting for each view.

    Is there anyway the "Exit Preview (ESC)" and the time of day could be next to each other rather than overlapping? Would make life easier.

  • Trav72 , pardon for the late response - I've definitely forward this to our developers, RemcoNL thank you too for the feedback. It would probably make sense to temporarily move the time of day display for example.