Time of day per view

  • arcomer thank you for your feedback.

    You should be able to define your wanted time of day per Revit view via the Sun settings in the Revit view already.

    What we're thinking about is to enhance our function [Create View] so that it saves the current time of day inside Enscape with your position as well back to Revit.

  • Jonathan Knoefel In addition, it would be cool if we had the option to also save all the Enscape settings (exposure, field of view, contours, saturation, ...) to a Revit view. That way we would have an easy option to redo a render when the design changes, matching the previous style.

    Right now, one has to save a ton of render presets and send them around. If you have the settings in the revit views, these information would be shared with the entire team.

  • Pieter That would make the settings more complex and initially you would have to define more settings for each view. But you would gain further usability in the end. I've added it to our agenda.

  • It doesn't have to be more complex. The current behavior could remain the default. Saving the settings in a revit view could just be optional.

  • Just want to add that the very useful "export screenshots of all your favorite locations" really needs this feature -- "create view" should save sun settings (optionally ALL view settings) and then export screenshots will be the perfect batch render tool.

  • Couldn't we get a new "views" tab at the Enscape options? At this page there could be a scroll down menu with all views (load from the Rhino file). The user can select a view and edit a list of options. Per default the options are set in "use global" mode (a simple flag option and the option is greyed out). The options could be:

    * exposure

    * DOF amount

    * focus (it would be great to set it to "Rhino camera target")

    * day time

    * field of view (it would be great to set it to "Rhino lens")

    The last point would help to bring the lens length to the batch render and the standalone.


    An other way would be to add a view option below the setup name. But here I'm not sure how we could handle it in detail. (Sorry, I haven't enough time today to think about it.)

  • I am leaning closer to the second option, however I am not sure that the 'settings' dialogue is the correct place for it:

    (I'm sure I have had similar discussions before.... Capture and Customization options)

    - I think that you should look at all the settings (*) and see which ones could be saved/changed per scene.

    - These settings would have a "global default" which could be accessed from a global scene dialogue and re-set to these values from within an individual scene's dialogue.

    - Personally I would also like to see the 'native' data for the scene accessible (& editable) from the same dialogue (camera position, looking direction, sun settings, layers...)

    * Not just the ones on the 'general' tab - all the settings from the Image and atmosphere(**) tabs with some settings from the advanced (grass rendering, light brightness), capture (scene name) and customization (UI overlay) tabs.

    ** This could have some seriously cool visual effects if they could change from scene to scene.