Not quite a bug - iOS 13 and Gyro/Motion for Panorama's

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  • In iOS 12.2 Apple disabled the gyro/motion sensor in Safari, it could be turned back on in Settings > Safari > Privacy >Motion and Orentation Access

    but in iOS 13 ......

    That setting has now gone, there is no way to turn the gyro on for Safari, if you have Chrome or Firefox browsers the gyro works without any intervention by the user.

    I'm assuming that within the iOS 13 developer API there is a way to prompt a user to enable the gyro on a site by site basis, if this is the case then it would need to be implemented by the Enscape devs for the panorama viewer.

    I know that iOS/TabletOS 13 is still in beta but we're so close to public release that I don't see the setting coming back.

  • Yup you're right. An update will come when IOS 13 is released :)


    The prototype function for this already exists in the current IOS 12 release but it doesn't really do anything with the setting turned off. So we're waiting on the IOS 13 Release and some tests before we update the viewer.

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    heinrich.boldt and stephenocalleps , we have to ask for a little bit more patience until an updated viewer has been implemented. Once there'll be news, I'll let you know of course. :)

  • Try either Firefox or Chrome on iOS as they don’t /didn’t have the restrictions. This was true in iOS 12. I’m not sure in 13.

    Android should be ok but I don’t have it to test.


    I’ve just tested a pano in Firefox on my iPhone 6s with iOS 13.1.2 and the gyro works instantly without any prompting. This was a self hosted pano and not an Enscape hosted one so no guarantees but try it.

  • I can confirm the panoramas work as expected using Chrome or Firefox browsers on iOS 13.1.2. If you are scanning a QR code to go to the link, do not use the iPhone's camera for this. Go to the keyboard (touch the search bar to bring it up) and use the scanner in either of the browsers instead.

    I had a chat with Apple support about taking away access to the accelerometer in Safari, and they said it's behaving the way they intended.

    It's my understanding that the hosting sites need to modify their code to prompt for access before the users can allow it. Instead of a global "on" setting, I think it will build a specific list of pages that are approved to use this feature.

    With iOS 13, I am generally very thankful that Apple is taking such steps to protect our privacy. Why on Earth would Solitaire need to track my location in the background at all times? It's a minor inconvenience for now. It sounds like Enscape is modifying their viewer to fix it.

  • nickw - this should now work on iOS with Safari. Each time you open a Panorama, you should receive a prompt asking if you want to allow access to the gyroscope. I believe this is now the behavior and you will be prompted each time you open a panorama.

    If you are still having issues, then make sure you are running iOS 13.2. The workaround, if needed, is to use Chrome or Firefox, but as far as I am aware, this workaround should now be redundant.

  • heinrich.boldt which version of iOS are you using? As MatthiasL mentions above, it should be working on iOS 13, and it's worked on iOS 12 for some time now.?

  • In case you guys are still having problems, please do make sure to reupload your views on the current stable Enscape version.

    We did upgrade the legacy pano viewer some time ago to make sure you can view them at all. But we will not be deploying any more updates to uploads made through Enscape 2.4 and prior.

    If you guys have a reason to use some earlier version to upload panoramas, please do let us know so we can improve on that.

  • We have done lots of WR-Codes for Marketings,
    these presentations are now out in the fields we are not able to find every person, who has the old QR-Codes.

    I tested now to render QR-Codes with 2.5.1 und 2.6. today created Codes are working in the iOS13, you are right.

    Is there any possibility to redesign the codes or the source that the older WQR-Codes are working same?

    Heinrich from Rastatt :)

  • We have done lots of WR-Codes for Marketings,
    these presentations are now out in the fields we are not able to find every person, who has the old QR-Codes.

    If you use QR codes out in the field (especially in marketing cases) where the content behind them might change regularly then investing in a QR code generator might be a good idea. There are a bunch of different providers for that kind of service, we are using This way we can brand/customize our QR codes, change links on the fly and track the click count/date/origin to get some figures regarding usage.

  • ?

    heinrich.boldt Ok I see your point. I'll update it this once for all the IPhone problems people seem to have. But this time it will be the last time (again). Sadly there is no way to update the old links. (we tried)

    wassem_hawary your stuff should now work again. we checked ?.

    I wish all you guys a very fine christmas time with your loved ones and also a fantastic weekend.