Exposure Brightness Threshold

  • Hey benjaminriendeau and renderwiz , the exposure settings were designed this way by our developers. It was implemented that way on purpose to have more precision/control for manual exposure on low exposure values <50%. This has the negative side effect, that there's this little harsh cut at exactly 50%. Please let us know if this will for some reason hinder your workflow.

  • Yes, this absolutely hinders my workflow. I am very surprised to hear this is not being fixed. I have been unable to achieve the exposure I wanted on at least 2 exterior renderings in recent months.

    Are their any workarounds (such as typing in a specific exposure level) ?

    If there is a need for a type of "Low Exposure Mode" (logarithmic scaling for the slider?) so that setting low exposures are more sensitive, why not allow us to manually turn on/off such a "Low Exposure Mode" mode rather than force it to be automatic and compromise the middle range of exposure?