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  • The 'popup' information now is displayed in the status bar to the bottom of the settings window whenever your mouse moves over a variable.

    It used to be on hover - but the descriptions were a bit long. I have mentioned that it would be better if it reverted to the on hover and there was a [?] button beside the [-][x] buttons that would change the cursor and give you a little more information an a specific setting clicked on: what specifically it changes, how it affects the visuals, the maximum and minimum setting, some simple images to demonstrate this, and any other settings that might have a similar visual effect.

  • As mentioned by Gadget , in the current preview (and 2.6 release) the help info is displayed on the bottom of the settings dialogue.

    I'll also forward your feedback Gadget , benjaminriendeau , I suppose you also would generally like to have more information available than currently given?

  • Enscape is a straight out-of-the-box, WYSIWIG program that gives great results with only a few controls. That makes it simple for "amateurs" or "beginners" (or folk on a tight budget) to get a professional looking result quickly. As such, the more helpful the 'help' is, the better: The folk just stepping into the VR/Image design world will not know what terms mean and what they do without having to google definitions or experiment with them.

    I've spent years with many image packages and generally know what I'm looking to achieve, even if I don't know the specific name /terminology /feature that will let me do it. One of the first things I do with any new setting (or one I don't know what does) is put it to max and min to see what the results look like. But sometimes I am using a setting to do one thing (eg increase light output levels) when another setting would be better (eg increase exposure or ambient brightness instead).

    I think it would be helpful if there was a 'tips' section you could look at after the description of what the variable changes that says something like : "If you are using this setting to {do something to the image}, then perhaps changing this setting might help too."