Noisy blurry metals - better sampling possible? (2.5.2.)

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  • Hi,

    for stills it could be great to get a better sampling against the noise. Is there a chance to get it running for the next week please, since I need it for a project?

    Or can this artifacts avoided by a setting file option? Longer render times are no problem. I'm sure my client will not be happy about the dirt effect.


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    Micha , we constantly work on improving rendering quality. Every new release introduces new features and quality improvements. Right now, this is a normal behavior but the ability to create renderings (which take more time to render) which show less noise etc. has been requested before and I'll also forward your feedback. This would generally pose a technical challenge though and it would also require a lot of effort to implement - at the moment at least we're focusing on other areas to improve Enscape.

  • OK, unfortunately I bought a license and now I'm not sure I can use Enscape. I wished, the supported feature would fully work and problems would fixed within a short time frame.

    Maybe it would help to add some technical options so that the advanced user can push some parameters above the the automatic range. Typical render engine allow to control a noise threshold or a sampling level.

  • This is a problem for me currently as well. I have a project nearing the final stages of presentation for which I must use aggressive post production denoising techniques (which take MUCH longer than any extra render time I would have to wait for) I have even toyed with multiple render output and averaging them in post to remove noise. The problem is that this type of artifact is inconsistent with Enscape... sometimes reflections are not noisy and it is hard to predict.

    I posed a solution several months back which I am certain would not require significant effort. If one zooms into a problem area, like the one Micha pointed out, and renders a cropped version of the scene, this type of artifact is generally much better. It also improves on shadow glitches. If we can render tiled images with some overlap, this would be a quick workaround for those times when artifacts like this are not acceptable, or when higher resolutions are needed. These tiles could be composited outside of enscape automatically, such as in photoshop, or ice.

  • What is the status on increasing sampling? My client absolutely hate how some materials are looking noisy mess. It very confusing for them as we show a sample and the rendering show something completely different. Personal I'm fine with a setting that will cause a long rendering time if sampling could be increase by 2x 3x.

  • We will try to improve that in future releases. Since there are many different kinds of image noise, we'd appreciate if you could share images of what you mean. This ensures that we really work on what matters to you.

  • Pulling this one up to contribute. Having to manually photoshop every render that utilizes metals in low-light enviroments really eats up some serious time. I'd appreciate some higher quality render settings and/or better noise removal for metals.