Off-screen reflections

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  • Hi,

    Does anyone here have tips or references for controlling when off-screen geometry and RPCs show up in reflections? I was attempting to create a forested horizon in a glass reflection by loading up the scene behind the camera with tree RPCs. These did not show up in the glass reflections (until I moved them within 5'-0" of the camera).

    Thank you.

    • Official Post

    Hey chrishoal , first off, you can check out this FAQ article here in general to find out why some objects etc. are not being shown in our reflections. You're probably familiar with most of this anyway I suppose. :)

    Furthermore, there is currently no way to control/adjust what is being shown in our reflections - with our next release 2.6 reflections will be quiet improved though. In general, it matters if the objects are in the screen-space and the distance also matters too as you've noticed yourself.