XML setting files with HDRs are huge

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  • I was attempting to directly edit the setting files and ran into a problem with settings that use custom HDRs. Those xml files are huge and are locking up my text editor. Can those xml files just reference the external file instead?

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  • renderwiz Custom skyboxes, loading screens, logos etc. are saved inside the setting xml-file so that you're able to roll out settings via the xml-file.

    What benefits do you have/expect from editing the setting file directly?

  • What do you mean by roll out settings? Not sure when this would be applicable?

    Here are some benefits for directly editing the xml files...

    1. Backup. I have already screwed up a setting more than once by clicking 'save' instead of 'save as'.

    2. Precise input. Call me ocd, but I would like to be able to set my duration for an animation to exactly 10 seconds and currently this is not very convenient with the slider.

    3. Repeatability. If I want to make sure that two presets are using the exact same settings, except for duration for example, I can copy and paste all at once.

    4. Speed. I can create 10 presets with very specific variations quickly... I can change one settings among 30 presets quickly.

    5. etc, etc.

    Basically, once I learned the location of your xml settings it occurred to me that you already have the "expert mode" I was requesting in another post. I was hoping to explore that a bit and report back my findings when I ran into this snaffu. I do have a workaround by using a different text editor with a higher size limit on the text file, but editing that huge file is not convenient. Would be ideal if those files could also be referenced to a location outside the xml file.

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  • Just noticed that Skybox data within a setting file seems to remain even after the checkbox is turned off. It would be good to flush that data when unchecking the Skybox checkmark. If not possible, please allow us to change the location for the settings files so they can be moved off the system drive to allow for storage management of system drives

    Considering that HDRs are likely going to be a large source of data duplication for Enscape, allowing external referencing for that data would be appreciated.

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  • renderwiz Thank you for your explanation

    I just meant the distribution of settings in an office regarding consistent customization, skyboxes etc.

    And therefor a reference is relative and makes it more difficult to distribute settings on different workstations.

    But I can see your point and we will discuss this topic.

    =>Right now not all values can be set without limits. Enscape performs a plausibility check on the entered values and can reject the settings file.