Sketchup integration questions.

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  • Having a lot of fun with this very basic alpha version, however, there are so many features needed.

    I must say Enscape does interior GI better than LumenRT (who are AWOL since Bentley bought them) Twinmotion and Lumion so far in my tests. Interior GI is y'all can get it right will be the one thing that will attract those users.

    So when do we get lights? emitters?, better control of materials?

    My alpha trial is up in 4 days, any chance to extend it?

    How does one insert a youTube video into forum post?

  • It's currently not possible to give an exact schedule when certain features will be released. We will release Enscape for SketchUp in a few weeks. The features you mentioned are not all included from the start but will follow for sure.

    Even if your trial ran out, you can still use it. However it's watermarked.

  • To follow along with Solo's questions:

    1. Are there any plans to support Layers (in particular, turning them off) and scene animations in the future?

    2. I also am curious if there are any plans for supporting WebGL in the future (kind of like Sketchfab)? I would like to be able to share your render on a web site without the user having to have anything installed on their device other than a web browser.

    3. What about section cuts?

    4. Will you support any video types other that MP4?

  • How does one insert a youTube video into forum post?

    You can simply paste the link and it makes a video out of it.

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    I guess you mean animated section cuts? Normal ones for Revit work already and will for SketchUp upon release. All four things might be added in the future, although WebGL not in the immediate next months. But the other ones are closely related to an overall improvement of the video recording and output using keyframes.

  • I was not talking about any type of animation when I mentioned Section Cut. At this point Enscape does not recognize a Section Cut in SketchUp. Maybe there is a different term in Revit that I am not aware of.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about:

    On the left is the SketchUp viewport and you can see the section cut. On the right is what I see in the Enscape window.

  • The SketchUp section cuts are not yet supported but will be until release.

    Does Enscape with both CPU and GPU? I was rendering out an animation at 1080p and my GPU was hardly even working hard, and does it work with dual cards?

    It mainly uses the GPU, but it does not benefit from SLI yet.

    I had to save close, restart to fix up this issue.

    Another question, is there anyway to abort an animation rendering?

    You simply click the export button again in SketchUp, in Revit theres a special Stop button that appears during capturing.


    Just curious - did your trial period expire?

    Also, on the latest version, when you create a video do you see the progress bar? I am not seeing it any more.


    Got 3 days left.

    I had that issue too, I closed SU, reopened and it worked again.

    Now I cannot get Enscape to even install, keeps telling me to uninstall, close and re-instal, even after I do exactly that.

    So I guess the 3 days left is useless if it does not actually work, back to work I go, playing was fun.

  • Also, on the latest version, when you create a video do you see the progress bar? I am not seeing it any more.

    This is a bug in the current alpha, it's fixed in the next release.

    I'm sorry to hear that there are issues related to the install / uninstall / update process. Thanks for reporting them, we'll try to fix them. Please understand that it is an alpha preview version, which may contain such issues.

  • New issue, I have latest version, I uninstall and reinstall and still get same message when I open Sketchup, Enscape not loading.

    Did you install using extension manager into %appdata% or did you install manually into %programdata%?

    This problem has nothing to do with the license, but with the way we update our binaries. (They are in use when updating, so we use another directory and copy the files during startup.

    I will look into it.