2.6 (7) mirrors :) happy again - test scene

  • hi there,

    for everyone not tested yet - see for yourself - mirrors work very well now in the latest preview build

    > even all light types are supported in reflections :) woohaa

    @ enscape team: you just could have been saying something like: we know, we heard, we have served and will be of service ;) :thumbsup:

    works nice for stills and also in vr its not messing up the experience too much! this is a nice thing! and im sure lots of brain went into this!

    additions: working in a larger file with some custom vegetation > vegetation gets removed completely from reflections :)

    but another positive thing is stability of the latest preview - no crashes so far ... :) thats nice

    (be aware that i have denoised the outputs in postproduction as the renders come out quite noisy in the mirrormaterials )

  • Thank you! You created a very nice test setup :) We're honored and glad to hear that you like it, it will be released as a regular version soon. The approach that we took was challenging at first, but we are confident that the approach will allow is further quality improvements in subsequent versions.

  • Currently using mirrors or highly reflective surfaces gives me rather huge headaches due to their funky reflections and weird behavior.

    This looks promising though, looking forward to testing this in 2.6.

    Could you maybe elaborate a bit on that? Specifically when it comes to the term "funky" and why are you perceiving their behavior as weird? :) You can of course also send in some screenshots if that helps with explaining.

  • With "funky" I mean the inconsistencies when looking at reflective surfaces from various angles and the their overall quality. When looking at a reflective surface from a 90° angle reflections look like this:

    When looking almost parallel to the reflective surface they look as intended:

    Furthermore if you look closely at the reflections there's some kind of brown ellipses:

    I'm pretty sure you are already aware of all the kinds of behavior but to me this to this date means that the reflections are not on the level they need to be yet. This will hopefully change with 2.6, definitely looking forward to it.