details don't show

  • Hi,

    I work in the stand construction designing. So I have to build many walls out of frames. These frames have a 3mm border. This edge is visible in my sketchup but the seams fall away on my renders.

    I would like to have this visible so that they are as realistic as possible.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I can think on three solutions:

    - Increase the scale of everything (makes navigation a bit 'slow', camera angles weird and you have to remember to change it back before editing the model again.

    - Use non-accurate sizes for visual representation (I use a 5mm recess in some things that I know are only 2mm and sometimes use a 10mm inset for the likes of linings and boards where I know the gap is < 5mm)

    - tic 'outlines' on and slide it up a bit (personally I really don't like that look, but it may show what you want - you could then combine two images in post-production to get the bits you want)