Enscape Dialogue Boxes break Windows Alt Tab Function

  • Enscape dialogue boxes with Sketchup do not allow for Alt Tab to work properly. When I Alt Tab back to Sketchup I see an icon for each Enscape dialogue box open. None of these activate the Sketchup session only the Enscape dialogue box. I must manually minimize whatever window is above sketchup to see it. If I close all Enscape dialogue boxes it works properly. It seems to happen when the dialogue box has focus... If the rendering window has focus it does not seem to occur.

    I have been pulling my hair out as I Alt Tab a LOT while working.


  • (I presume that you already know that while you hold [alt] down you can [tab] multiple times to bring up the relevant program: I use it all the time to flick between things... it's more annoying when you miss the relevant program and have to [tab] through them all again)

  • Yes, this is how I am using Alt + Tab (Tab, Tab, Tab, etc).

    I see a Sketchup Icon for each Enscape dialogue box open at the time. These only activate the Sketchup window *sometimes*. When the Enscape dialogue box has focus it only brings up that dialogue box, not the Sketchup window.

  • I think that it's only the materials window that does not activate the SU window: I have used this before on a single monitor so that I can change materials over the Enscape window.

    (Although the assets window has it's own thoughts about when it's visible or not)