SketchUp workflow help needed...

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  • I am new to Enscape/SketchUp and I struggle to get data from Revit and 3ds Max working within SketchUp. I hope someone here have some great tips that can make my working life easier.

    I link files from Revit to Max and organize, clean and fix them there. I model the landcape/surroundings and add entourage and render with Vray. Now I want to move the "entourage and render"-bit over to SketchUp/Enscape, but SketchUp behaves poorly. I split the file in smaller .skp-files I import into SU so I can update them whem the original Revit model or the site plan change.
    When I try to reload the files after a change , SU freezes. Does anyone have a solution for this?

    My work is mainly with projects with ± 20 to 150 appartements in several buildings with surroundings (+entourage), and I wonder if SketchUp really is capable of dealing with such large amounts of data?
    Enscape is really, really good so I want to make this work...

  • I think that it mainly depends on SU itself. Sketchup has to improve their integration with Archicad or Revit.

    Or they must work with FBX like 3ds max is doing.

    I am also struggling with working between Archicad and Sketchup and it exactly what you describe above.

  • Honestly Revit to skp is always going to be a big compromise. I find it faster to remodel something in a way you can control than to try to work with a Revit Import. We work in Sketchup until the design is relatively settled then switch to Revit. To me its the same as working in with Trace (Skp is digital trace) and the switching to Mylar (Revit being digital Mylar) once you are at that level.

    Sketchup allows you to be so much more facile and quick to develop the design.