Enscape Exception WinAPI with id 26

  • Hi,

    We have an Enscape exe, that is sitting on the c:\ drive of a laptop to take to a presentation,. Everything works when the laptop is connected to the network. When disconnecting the laptop from the network and run the exe file externally we get an Enscape exception - Could not get Folder from WinAPI with id 26, and the exe does not open.

    Due to a security framework we have to be part of, certain requirements need to be required. When trialling and opening the same exe file with the admin credential, the exe does seem to open, but i dont understand why we dont need the details when our network lead is plugged in?

    We have tried static visuals for the meantime, but would like to see how we can resolve this going forward

    Thanks in advance


  • Thank you Sean for your comment. The file was saved in a generic place on the laptop, and the file was created by one of my colleagues on the server before copying across. As soon as the laptop loses the network, and in its true presentation status, is when the fun begins.

    Apart from the error message, are there any form of logs i can send to you, whilst the laptop is connected to the network, and when it is disconnected, that may throw more light on the matter?

  • The logs are located in %appdata%/enscape/data/logs, you can send them to support@enscape3d.com. This will get you in touch with our customer support and if needs be the developers.