Print Resolution mode above Ultra which Adjusts Optimizations for Grass, etc for High Resolution Output

  • I would like to request a new rendering quality level called Print Resolution.

    The Enscape team could then provide appropriate optimization levels for that purpose.

    Render time budget could easily be 10x the current realtime targets... maybe even higher.


    Currently the optimizations for Grass do not change as we increase resolution. If we are not given the ability to manually control these, they should be adjusted appropriately when rendering at Print Resolutions. A level of detail (LOD) that looks acceptable at Screen Resolutions cannot simply be rendered with more pixels, and therefore seen more clearly, without also providing a higher LOD geometry, etc. It is like trying to render 8 bit sprites at 8k... not a good idea. There are certainly other optimizations with generally fall into this same category as well, such as Shadow Maps, Reflections Maps, etc.

    As it is now, we get to the end of a great realtime review, everyone is happy, and then they ask for Print Resolution boards for final presentation. However we then realize what looked great onscreen is just getting enlarged and doesn't looks so great with closer scrutiny. We know from experience what it is like to have an audience get close and look at the details of a large format print. Most professionals are not going to put their name on a rendering in which inappropriate optimizations such as this are glaringly obvious, so we end up spending a lot more time in post (the ultimate workaround) fixing stuff that could easily be handled with code and would have required a few minutes longer to render.

    Print Resolution mode would simply be another option in addition to Ultra which includes non-realtime level of detail.

    Ultra Quality would always be available if high quality realtime speed is desired.