How to create 3rd person Mixed Reality video using LIV, Mixcast, OBS or other ?

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  • Hi.

    I'm trying to use LIV ( to create an MR walkthrough in Enscape with a Samsung Odyssey HMD. Enscape crashes whenever I try to use it as a source however. Are you familiar with this and is there something I'm missing or do you have to enable it using their SDK first ? Is this something that's on your horizon ?



  • Hi again ! So I got confirmation back from the Devs at LIV that Enscape would have to implement their SDK for MR work on that platform. I have been trying and so far it just crashes Enscape. I've tried Mixcast as well and it won't even recognize Enscape as a source. I'm giving OBS a shot now.

    Has anyone else looked into mixed reality and realtime rendering ?


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    Changed the title of the thread from “How to create 3D person Mixed Reality video using LIV ?” to “How to create 3rd person Mixed Reality video using LIV, Mixcast, OBS or other ?”.
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    Thanks jfmonod , for your feedback. I've forwarded this subject to our developers - it seems that this is simply not officially supported by Enscape yet, which is why you're experiencing these issues. It'll be filed as a dedicated feature request accordingly. :)

  • Following up on this, looking at this tutorial :…livestream-two-realities/ it would seem that various options are available aside from implementing this or that SDK. I've tried LIV and it does make the 3rd person camera setup pretty easy. If you could add support for it that would be optimal, but allowing capture of multiple different cameras simultaneously as described here and then combining in OBS would be ok too.