Can Enscape achieve a Refraction Deformation Effect in comming new version ?

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    Fosted Glass Body rendering in C4D with cinerender

    The above image is the result of rendering with cinerender.

    It can be found that the scene on the back is deformed after passing through the frosted glass body (as shown by the yellow dotted line).

    Enscape can also achieve the effect of frosted glass, BUT there is no Deformation. As shown below:


    Fosted Glass Body rendering by Enscape for SketchUp

    I think that this refraction deformation effect can be achieved by enscape with real-time ray tracing.

    Hoping a new Version which can support this!

    some reference photos of refraction deformation effect:

    Thanks for your concern in advance!:)


  • I remember me to render a water melone and it was rendered as solid water, because the key word "water". But this mistake shows me, that solid glass could be possible. At the moment, every glass is an automatic created thin glass. You could try "water" for a test at your object, maybe it goe's in the right direction.

  • Personally I would rather that glass has an impact on the light passing through it (ie a shadow) before they worry about refraction.

    Yes, Light passing through the glass leaves a shadow on the back of the glass, this effect is currently not possible.

    The glass is now without shadows.

  • The problem is not so much to worry about refraction, it's more if a client need a solid object, he will ask you, why it looks hollow. For example a wine shop full of empty bottles doesn't looks well. But right, a shadow solution is needed too.

    Thank you for your suggestion, the actual refraction effect with keyword water does not look very precise and ture.

    You are right, the refraction and shadow of the glass are both problems that need to be solved.

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    Thanks for your inquiry reiset , this may very well be something which will be implemented in the future, as you mentioned, through RTX technology. I cannot promise when or if just yet though, but again, thanks for your feedback - I'll forward this to our developers as well. :)

    Furthermore, Glass throwing a realistic shadow or even colored shadows is still on our agenda, the topic has not been forgotten.

  • Unless I missed it, the OP doesn't mention the source software - but Revit materials' refraction index achieves this.

    Enscape for SketchUp.

    Could you show some instances of effect achieved through Revit materials' refraction index?