Atmosphere: Horizon too dark

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  • (SU2019 Enscape-2.6.0-preview.8+10829)

    My default atmosphere settings are with sunlight at 80% and 100% cloud density. I normally use the forest drop-down as a horizon source (rather than a skybox).

    As the time shifts the horizon image only lightens enough to be seen properly when the sun flashes through a breaks in the clouds(*).

    (*This still annoys me: how can the sun break through when there is 100% sun coverage?)

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    This behavior is by design - the horizon is rather dark when the sunlight is covered by clouds. Could you still post a screenshot so that I can see if it looks the same as on my machine? I'll definitely forward your feedback to have no sun coming through the clouds at all when set to 100% density!

  • Attached 10 second video showing the lightening/darkening horizon (settings as above, just dragging the time of day with [shift]+r mouse button)

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    Basically the horizon becomes a black silhouette; does not look very nice.

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    Thanks for the further examples Gadget , I've already filed a corresponding feature request through this.