Request: Render portion of animation path

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  • In sketchup, it would be very helpful to be able to specify a segment of an animation path. Such as a beginning frame number and an ending frame number (any reproducible method would be fine)

    This is useful both for fixing a portion of an animation and for debugging glitches. I have a specific frame in a 10 second animation path that has a rendering glitch. Currently I have to rerender the entire segment each time i make an adjustment to see if I have fixed it.

    The ideal would be to also allow saving to a sequence of images as then we could just replace those frames that were an issue.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Chris renderwiz thank you for your feedback. I've added your request to our agenda.

  • Nviz,

    I agree that it would be ideal to be able to save the "start and stop" positions for animated segments. I do have a suggestion for how that could be implemented easily.

    As it is now, we can save duration, interpolation, etc to the render settings file. All that would need to be added for this additional feature to be implemented, would be to also save the start and stop position in the settings/xml file. This way each animated scene could be saved as a separate settings file and then rerendered exactly as revision are made to the model.

    As a bonus, if a subsequent feature would allow a batch rendering of multiple "setting files" in sequence, we would be all set for a fairly automated production pipeline.


  • renderwiz Chris, you're on the right track ;) both functions are on our agenda and separate settings files with render information should benefit batch rendering.