2.6 - Reflections popping

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    Hi MatthiasL

    thanks for your report! We're aware of the issue, which is happening on transparent materials, and have fixed it in the meantime. The fix will be contained soon in an upcoming hotfix (and probably sooner in the next Preview version).

  • Thanks Clemens Musterle, looking forward to that hotfix.

    Two more things:

    a.) Is the RTX support currently enabled or are we running the new ray tracing features without RTX acceleration?

    b.) Just loaded up some recent projects and the HDRIs are set much lower now. All our projects now look like castles in the sky. What happened?

    Thanks in advance!

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    a) RTX hardware acceleration is dormant in the release version until the remaining stability issues have been resolved. We hope to deliver that in a hotfix as well.

    b) The horizon backgrounds have been lowered, as they were perceived as beeing to high by most people - it's difficult to find a common ground on things like these that is to everyone's taste ;) I'm sorry the adjustment is not to your liking. If it's a huge issue you might want to contact support, they'll be able to show you how to exchange the background textures files with the previous version.

  • Well, the proper way would've been to offer means to adjust the height manually. Furthermore I haven't found any note of this change in the 2.6 announcement which makes this rather frustrating.

    As it stands the bundled HDRIs are unusable for us and we haven't even tested if this is also the case for custom HDRIs. If so then we'll definitely roll back to 2.5-whatever until this is solved or an appropriate workaround has been presented.