Asset library tags

  • With more and more assets being added, the filtering/tagging system really needs to be improved (and/or be able to be customised by the end user). It also needs to remember the filters used when you close the asset window and open it in the same state/ with the same assets selected. (Tag filters)

    {The new "Daises", "Dandelions", "Pebbles", "Stone" and "Waterlilys" need to be tagged with the "Groundcover" tag}

    It would also be really handy if I could re-order the assets somehow: by most used, last used, height, colour, climate, season, ... or just drag them in the window to re-position them.

    I would also like to be able to tag assets as "Archive" - these would be like the opposite of Favorites:

    - only load when you view the archive category

    - be excluded from any search

    - not show up in any other category

    This way the initial loading would be quicker, I could shove assets I would never use (or use once in a blue moon) into that area and I wouldn't have an asset list with half the stuff in it I would never use.

    Also see: Suggestions to improve the Enscape Asset Library