ArchiCAD 23

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    Hi Nuge , thank you for your feedback.

    I've spoken to our developers. They are doing their best do deliver an Enscape version supporting ArchiCAD 23 as soon as possible, but they're still battling a number of bugs that are reportedly very difficult to fix. We apologize for the delay, but at this point I can't give you a concrete answer to your question.

    Still, let me know in case there's any further questions!

  • This feels like AA

    its been 3 months since my last enscape rant!!!

    Is anyone else out there as frustrated as i am about the lack of progress on the Archicad plugin, The whole enscape development system needs to be completely revamped as its a bloody joke, its been months without a AC23 version and frankly given the recent past history i am not holding my breath we are going to have anything soon.

    Enscape your responses to any development questions have been elusive and non committal and you paying customers deserve better, your system of upvoting requests on this forum is both unprofessional and arrogant as you are unwilling to share any of the data you say your collecting. just for a change how about starting to give your customers some of the things you promised.

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    Nuge , I can understand your frustration, truly. The current situation with ArchiCAD 23 not being properly supported is still a WIP. We didn't expect to run into these current issues which we're now trying to resolve with high priority so that we can offer full support with 2.7.

    Again, it was unforeseen that we'll run into problems with version 23, but this can unfortunately always happen when a new version of any supported software is being released, especially if larger changes have been made to a particular new version.

    We're also still in the process of finding ways to make the demand of certain feature requests more transparent, but at the moment it's just simply being done internally only, but it's not like the votes here or via any feedback from any source are not collected - if something reaches enough demand, we can think about implementing it, but that doesn't always mean that the most requested topics will also always get implemented (also due to resources and potential technical hurdles for example).

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    To anyone who hasn't already ( Nuge, dns, niklasmi ) feel free to try out our latest preview which now supports ArchiCAD 23. We'd be more than happy to receive some reports and feedback. Also, let us know in case you experience any issues what so ever of course!

  • Just downloaded the latest 2.7 preview and i must say its a little underwhelming, after waiting so long i thought we might get something better

    Don't get me wrong the new Orthogonal views are great and a welcome addition, but they should always have been there from the beginning

    But after all the complaining about the on-line assets having to download each time I cant believe you guys have not updated (or reverted back) to a better system, i have a 1gig fibre connection and i am sitting here waiting for the thumbnails to load so i can see if you have any new objects, its been 15min already and i am about 10% thru its like the 90s again on dial up. And while on assets WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO CREATE OUR OWN!!!!!

    But again my major gripe is about the archicad implementation yet again you have failed to align it with the other plugins, where are out views and batch rendering!! and Reproducible renderings as per your roadmap.

  • I am able to run 2.7 preview in ArchiCAD 23, but you must uninstall previous versions of Enscape prior to loading 2.7.

    Band aid fix until we get the full version from Enscape.

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    Upon further diagnostic, the ADD ON Manager says the 2.7 preview is NOT COMPATIBLE with AC23...

    I am very sorry to hear that - in this case, could you kindly try uninstalling any current release/preview which is still on your machine and then re-install our latest preview again? If that doesn't help, please briefly send us a mail to with this information. Then we can forward the created ticket to our developers for further troubleshooting.