Naming rendered panoramas

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    Is it possible to set the panorama names to pick up from the View Name they are based from?

    having encrypted names such as "panorama_qr_417d98ff-1cde-40e4-a8a7-62f4e911c334" may be great for preventing server crashes but it is a dread to manage.

    Thanks a lot for your request. This might be a bit tricky since you could of course select any view in the scene and simply move away from that perspective before taking a panorama. Or maybe you have a different idea in mind?

  • (Apologies for beating the same drum...)

    I think that Panoramas should automatically be added as a scene/view and tagged as a favorite - Enscape holds this info anyway.

    If this were the case, then it should be as easy as it would be to take the scene name from any saved view and default the export name to match it. (Which is another request)

    Until this happens, it would be nice to name panoramas. And display this name as the panorama loaded. And export using this name... And... and... and...