Assets layer in Rhino

  • Hi, When placing assets they become associated with the top layer, regardless witch layer i have as current.

    If top layer is off, assets dont show.

    To allocate assets in a specific layer i have to block edit, and move them into the layer i want.

    This happens in v2.5 and v2.6

    Any chance that when we place the assets they become assigned with the current layer ?

  • Thanks for your feedback Fredx , I'll forward this to our developers for review. :)

  • The assets in rhino work as blocks which is very convenient because they are lightweight elements that you can control with rhino scripts.

    To properly organize the enscape assets on a layer, use the "block edit command" on that asset, double click on the layer you want to move the asset to and select "change object to layer".

    Hope this helps.