texture for DWG archives family in Enscape

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  • Hey Enscape team!

    I just install the Enscape in my Revit, activate my student license and I am so enchanted with the tools and the views. It's awesome!

    But I detected this problem and I would like to know if you have a solution because I am a begginer user in Enscape.

    The problem is when we use families created by DWG archives exported from Sketchup to Revit. The textures and colors just not appear in Enscape render. It's possible to solve this problem? I use a lot the Sketchup library in my interior design projects in Revit.

    King regards,


  • Hi Márcia marciacristina.arq welcome in the Enscape community!

    I presume that the imported families use the Graphics Tab of the Revit materials only. Enscape instead uses the Appearance tab of the Revit material by default.
    The Appearance tab offers more options in order to tweak your material.

    But you should be able to switch to the Graphics tab in the Advanced tab of the Enscape settings.