The feedback button

  • When I click on the feedback button, what information gets shared?

    I am having a few issues with a model that will not render, just a black screen and no progress on the render bar, I do need help but have a very strict NDA with a media company that I cannot share the model or anything about it, so what does get shared?

  • As far as I know it's the machine specification (inc. drivers) and memory useage with the "e-mail" text. Other than that, if you tic the box to include the log dump it's mainly memory useage and what Enscape buttons were clicked (you can find the file on your machine and look at it yourself, but I can't remember where). I'm fairly confident that there isn't any model info sent: if they can't work out what's happening from the logs they will ask if you can send stuff (or bits of the model) .

  • Hello Solo

    to be specific, we collect the following information about your system:

    - the version of Enscape

    - the fields in the feedback form (name, email, description)

    - some basic information about your Enscape license

    - your GPU types and driver versions

    - your CPU version

    - your Operating System version.

    - the recent log files and dump file

    We are not collecting anything else, especially nothing from the CAD you are currently running. That is why we often need to ask you for project files when we can't reproduce the issue. But if you can reproduce the issue in a different project, one you created just for testing purposes that is totally fine.