Materials don't update when working with worksession

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  • Hi, I posted this before.

    If I insert a file into another as a worksession file, the materials don't show up or don't update.

    I have to close rhino, open again my scene, insert again the other file and then they show up correctly.

    To describe more clearly.

    File 1: main model

    File 2: file attached

    If I open file 2 and change a material, then in File 1 i update workession and that material shows up white.

    Please have a look into this. Thanks!

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    There seems to be nothing attached to your reply - feel free to also instead upload the files to for example and then share the download link afterward if you cannot attach them here due to file size.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet ,

    I finally got some time to look into this.

    I have two files:

    191018 worksession materials main file.3dm

    Into this one I attach:

    191018 worksession materials test1.3dm

    Then I change the material from 191018 worksession materials test1.3dm into something else - like planks for example.

    I save 191018 worksession materials test1.3dm and I update worksession model in 191018 worksession materials main file.3dm.

    And as you can see in the screenshot the material shows up white instead of planks.

    You can download my test files from here:…Sdgd0ncf6GuotNmWIYSwDjuok

    Please have a look into this because it is happening all the time. And each time I have to close the main file, open it again and reattach the worksession file for the materials to show up. And this is a major waste of time.

    Please let me know if you are able to replicate this bug.


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    Bogdan , thanks a lot for the files. We were able to reproduce this behavior accordingly - our developers are still busy with finding a solution and are also analyzing if this can be resolved in general, so thanks for a bit more patience in that regard!