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  • SO, I haven't upgraded to 2.6 because of a few reasons, but mainly because of the new split with the visual settings. Let me further explain, and maybe some one here can help shed some light on the subject.

    As I understand it you can save your visual settings in 2.6 and they are saved with the scene. Great! But, I have multiple clients that each have different loading screens, Interface Overlays, Icons, and Window Caption Text. With 2.5 I could easily jump between project settings and these customization's would follow. In 2.6 I am now finding I have too update these with each project. (Unless I'm missing something)?

    Are the Customization settings supposed to be per-project (saved with the sketchUp scene) or are they intended to be global? Because right now, I am having to re-build each of my project customization's every time I open a different client project.

    Thanks for any help on this one!

  • customization is the same for all projects, settings don't update when you load the specific file, you have to load it anyway. so not a big change in time consuption

  • Ted.Vitale Are you talking about the settings in the "General Settings" window?

    It sounds like you would need to be able to save to a file for those.

    I see no option currently to save those, only option appears to be saving the "Visual Settings" to a file.

    Yeah, I really think the Customization should be added to the visual settings, along with the advanced features if I'm quite honest. When you deal with large scenes, I will control visibility and lighting on a per scene basis. Maybe Demian Gutberlet can add this as a request for those of us who have lots of projects that require custom splash screens and icons. Or potentially having a separate save functionality for the other settings category so that we can quickly mix and match?

  • 100% agree that being able to save General Settings to a file is a no brainer. Teams will want to share those settings at the very least.

    I also agree that some of the General Settings should actually be per scene. For example grass rendering. It works ok for some scenes but not others.

    While we are discussing the saving and importing of settings.... I find showing "Visual Settings Import" under "General Settings" to be a bit odd. We have a menu item for "Load Preset" wouldn't it make more sense to include "Import Legacy Preset" in the same place?

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    Thank you all very much for your feedback - it also does make sense to be able to also save at least what is being defined in the Customization area. From here on I'll forward all the feedback from you guys accordingly for review. Gladly let me know if anyone wants to add anything else as an additional note and I'll forward that too of course!