Improvement Suggestions

  • There are several things that can be imrpoved and optimize the workflow of Enscape.

    If you manage to integrate the following capabilities at the software you will manage to surpass all other kind of 3d software related to presentation for Archicad users.

    1. Intergrate the Enscape renderer to the Archicad rendering options. With this we are able to produce pictures that are updated within the archicad workflow and not externaly. At the moment the rendering is independent to archicad. I believe this is a basic priority.

    2. Being able to choose materials on the Enscape window (like Octane) with a pickup arrow.

    3.When you choose an element the materials editor should have a seperate window with the materials of the element filtered making the editing a lot faster instead of searching the complete list. Also the material editor should not put archicad in pause state.

    4.Being able to use more than one GPUs. This will explode the visual performance and capabilities.

    5. I believe in the future (hope recent) not just objects assets but also a material library will be added.

    6. For the objects we have to able to change size, materials and all the rotation axis. Sometimes the assets are useless because the can be placed properly on a inclined surface.

    7. Being able to save internally the video paths and not need to export them to reload it later. A catalogue of the set paths it would be usefull. I believe a future reforming of the video editor will be close to what other software alredy have with a "montage" capability of scenes, effects etc.

    That's all for the moment.

    Thank you for your support.

  • 1. Intergrate the Enscape renderer to the Archicad rendering options. With this we are able to produce pictures that are updated within the archicad workflow and not externaly. At the moment the rendering is independent to archicad. I believe this is a basic priority.

    I just want to clarify a bit: I'm reading this as you would like all the functions of Archicad to work in the Enscape window? Or replace the depiction of the Archicad model in it's working window with the Enscape image? Change the working 'model view' to a fully rendered image?

    (I'm fairly sure all the other concepts mentioned have been raised before - most of them I agree with, except the materials library: personal opinion is that it would be another waste of resources on parallel with the asset library. There are specialists who provide a service that Enscape would be hard pressed to match.)

  • So I am clarifing.

    For the moment Enscape functions as an external rendering engine.

    It is not intergrated like Cinerender or Maxwell or Octane.

    That means that the rendering result cannot be saved and updated internally in archicad. It is exported directly from Enscape.

    I am referring to the "PhotoRendering Settings" of Archicad.

    I am not talking about replacing any window.

    If you have worked with Octane or Maxwell you know exactly what I mean.

    Even Artlantis or Lumion, or Twinmotion are for the moment external rendering engines.

    Octane and Maxwell are internal and external at the same time .You can render through Archicad or export a photo via the addon.

    Both octane and maxwell have material libraries with otpimized material (with displacement for example.)

  • Enscape should not be considered just a rendering tool but an architectural tool that should be intergrated in the architectural workflow.

    I do not know how it works in Revit but in Archicad all the above (and probably more) are essential to optimize how Archicad can cooperate with Enscape flawlessly.

  • ArchitectsVR - Thanks for all the input here.

    As already been mentioned by others, these suggestions have been requested in the past with previous CAD's.

    I have up-voted all the related stories in regards to the features you have requested, as all of them (apart from saving video paths internally and providing a catalogue of video paths) have been requested before.

    They are all valid points, some easier to implement that others, but your feedback is appreciates and does get fed to the developers for consideration.

    For instance, the video editor is a case in point, and will require a complete rework, and although this has been discussed, other priorities appear which then take focus, but all these requests are noted here and we are trying to work on improving Enscape in the right direction to try to please most customers, most of the time. I think your point about Enscape being an Architectural tool, and not just a rendering engine is a very valid, and important point, however.

  • Thank you for your comments.

    From my point of view the most important feature missing is the rendering indegration in the Archicad workflow (internal rendering)

    Octane (which we are using alot.........before Enscape kicks in) is a n internal rendering with a serious disadvantage:

    When the geometry changes the whole model has to be updated which means you have to wait several minutes before you start again working.

    This is the basic advantage of Enscape (not mentioning the walkthrough export, panorama etc).

    That is why I am reffering to Enscape as an architectural tool.

    If we can created linked exports to archicad projects via an internal renderer and imporve the wuality by multi GPU this will seperate Enscape from all other products.

  • ArchitectsVR - Yes, well the issue with Enscape is that it is bleeding edge technology in terms of rendering, and therefore some of these things are much harder to implement successfully, and also quickly, than with other rendering engines. Especially when dealing with an old software package like ArchiCAD where the hooks in the API are perhaps not available. Take the request you make for arbitrarily aligning objects in ArchiCAD, sounds simple, really hard to implement, that and scaling in ArchiCAD. There is a plugin that does this actually, the name of which escapes me at the present time, but the developers have looked at that, so there may be solutions in this regard, but even the implementation that the plug-in that I can't remember the name of would not be workable in Enscape.

    There is a thread about this at: Rotate Objecst From The Asset Library

    Multi GPU issue is difficult to pin point, as far as I am aware: Using SLI will work, in that Enscape will / should still work when SLI is enabled, even if only on one card, but the developers have not yet discovered whether the cause is with the GPU driver, or with Enscape itself. But yes, your voice is heard, and all I can do is to push the issues internally as far as possible.

  • Hello,

    I have one more suggestion, with which we could integrate Enscape in Archicad design plans more effectively.

    It would be very handy if we could open Enscape objects and change floorplan symbol and just use them in our Archicad model, to avoid double work between floorplans and 3d render.

    Thank you, keep doing a good work :)

  • tjasak Do you mean to have simplified 2D representations of the assets when in a floorplan view in ArchiCAD? If so, we do also have a story regarding this feature in our developer agenda.

    Sorry, I can't open the car Tikos, but that's nto what I meant, I think. I meant exactly this what Pete wrote: simplified 2D representations of the assets when in a floorplan view in ArchiCAD.

    But if possible, would be great also if we can then change 2D presentation symbol to any custom made, like we can do with other Archicad objects.

    Thank you.