Sky/Cloud Generation Method?

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  • Not sure where to post this but I'm just genuinely curious;

    What method does Enscape use to generate its dynamic sky?:/

    It appears that Cirrus Amount is an opacity slider of a texture blended into the skysphere/box, as are the Contrails.

    Density and Variety appear to be manipulating the UV position of a Perlin type noise texture which is defining the shape and spacing and also causes the clouds to have "movement" at the edges as they transverse the sky. Lighting wise I can't tell if you are blending gradients for day/night coloration/lighting or if you are actually lighting the clouds from the directional source?

    Does Enscape utilize ray marching to achieve the clouds defined in the Density and Variety sliders?

    Are these clouds two-dimensional textures layered in the z dimension?

    I just noticed that increasing the density of the clouds makes the lighting temperature and intensity change dynamically which is a nice touch.

    However it is done it looks really great, especially for the performance!

    My nerdy interest is peaked, that is all, thank you for your response. :thumbsup: