Would be great to have the option to Save the render to the last folder used

  • It's nice having the default folder for saving. But my work flow sometimes has me saving to a specific folder for a meeting or presentation, and it would be great to render once to that folder, then all others go there, until I change it back to default folder in settings.

    Not a huge request, but sometimes its the little things that make life easier. :thumbsup:

  • crc , thanks for your request!

    Just to make sure I get it right entirely = you save once via prompt, then every-time you click "Render image" that image goes to that last location automatically, without any prompt at all? :)

  • There was a welcome update (2.5?) where it did remember the last folder. It worked for a handful of release but something rolled it back and now it's stuck going back to the 'default' folder every time you click the render button.