Tests so far

  • Here are a few tests, enjoying this alpha, can only imagine what I would be able to achieve with more features and a few bug fixes.

    1st test Tie Fighter (because not everything needs to be architectural based)


    Anything I post here I'd like to be considered for the competition .


  • 2nd test is a basic model of the museum of natural history in London, here I wanted to test interior GI, sure there are glitches but overall the GI beats Lumion, Twinmotion and LumenRT for interiors, this would be a game changer for many users.

  • Here is another quick one. I normally have NDA's for a lot of my work, but considering this location was changed so technically I am not showing the final set that will be used.

    A large percentage of my work is for TV, film and stage, so having a tool like Enscape will be a powerful additional product I can show producers, I would do more but I need the lighting ability which is still missing, most of my sets are very heavy studio lit.

  • Wow, this is very impressive :O I like the interesting details at materials and scene geometry in your images. Great work.

    Lights and emissive surfaces for SketchUp is on the agenda for sure. It will be added!

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Solo!