super-resolution rendering image with Nvida Ansel technology

  • Now Enscape can only output images with a maximum resolution of 8192*8192. But with NVIDA Ansel technology, you can achieve 60K rendering size.

    This technique has been used in another instant Render, Mars, as shown below.

    Click to view the gif.

    While a city-level aerial view is enlarged, you can even see the pedestrians in the square.

    For Chinese architects, the huge size image hanging on the partition wall of the construction site is a must, which is used to explain to the public the expected completion of urban design and buildings.

    Can Enscape implement the Ansel technology?

    Thanks for your concern in advance.

    NVIDA Ansel:…geforce-experience/ansel/

  • Thanks for the request. I'll definitely file this as a dedicated feature request accordingly! ;) The technology behind it looks super interesting indeed.