BUG: Changing computers - Image texture references

  • Hi there

    This is sort of a crucial feature, when someone is working from home they often create enscape materials, but when they arrive in the office the image textures are gone, even with search paths being defined in rhino and so on, this issue is only with the Enscape Material Editor, the rhino materials find the image textures and if Rhino doesn't find the image textures if gives off an error and asks for a new location:

    The Enscape Material Editor on the other hand completely screws us over and we need to redo the entire material, including any adjustments we made to the brightness or amounts relating to these images.

  • rheinason - we actually have this as part of a feature request regarding the inclusion of a File Path Editor, and I have up-voted that story on your behalf, as I believe it affects other things like IES files, proxies, etc, too.

  • Hi, talking about texture and instead of creating a new post, I have problem here where I used to create my own background ( no skybox) the 4096x512px png and just put it in the enscape folder, I have reopened some files from this summer and now I cannot select those bespoke images.. I have the 2.6.1 preview.2+11727

    This was a major thing for us here in the office, is that the preview version or that's now not possible to add our own images ( we cannot find / or have time to create the perfect skybox.. so this system of modifying an existing one was great..)


  • gautier - yes, that method may have worked for you in the past, but it was not something that has ever been officially supported. The developers advise not to do this kind of thing, as it can lead to Enscape breaking, and therefore it may well be that they have blocked this from being possible anymore until it has been officially implemented. In that regard, we do have a feature request for allowing users to use their own Horizon / Background images, so I have up-voted that in the meantime, but officially we currently do not support this.

    The only thing I can recommend if you want to continue to do this, is to either roll back to a version which had allowed you to do this before (although there is no guarantee it will work for you again), or to use the Skybox option instead.

  • Ah, poop! I've just run into this... error? I just set up a new workstation computer, installed Rhino 6 and Enscape-2.7.0-preview.3+17930. All the texture files are copied over to new computer with same folder/path layout and drive letters. Open Rhino 6 file from old computer. Materials seem to be there (shown in list with correct/expected names), but any image maps I was using are not shown, and no hint that they ever existed really... not even an error message saying, "Hey, where's this image?"

    If it even just showed the name of the file that's missing I could relink it in a second.

    Any ideas for a workaround?

  • <bump> I knew adding this to an old thread was a bad idea! ;) But it really seems like the same bug(?). :/

    I set up a new computer. Transferred the Enscape license to new computer. Open old Rhino 6.0 file on new computer, open Enscape "tune materials" thing... my materials are there, but missing their textures. But not completely: one material was using a bump map and it still showed "Type Normal map", but above that where you'd expect to see a preview and the texture name, it was blank, but with a big blank space... like it had reserved space to show the texture, but didn't... and not the name either.

    Open same file on old computer (after transferring license back to old computer): no problem. All material settings shown as expected.

    Maybe this has been fixed in one of the recent updates? (If yes, let me know. It's a hassle to switch to the new computer and I don't want to do it for nothing. :) )

    Mods: feel free to break this post off into it's own thread if you like. I added it to this because the symptoms seemed to match mine and I didn't want to cause thread clutter.

  • Pete Chamberlain

    Guys this need to be fixed! if not fixed then at least some sort of hacky solution needs to become available ASAP, we're having a surge of homeworkers who are all having issues getting references to work correctly, all of the rhino materials work great(they just create a filepath search and it picks up the missing image files) but the enscape materials are all blank, and referencing the images back isn't enough! You'll need to add(and remember) explicit texture transformation, brightness adjustment, if it's inverted or not and so on. Times that 10-50 materials per file times however many files are currently in production and we're having a major problem here.

  • Yep, just open a file at home now and realized all the above problems, Rhino materials textures can be easily re-linked, but the enscape ones are all empty..

    Quick hack is to copy all textures to the file folder, not something I like but it seems to work.. obviously that's easy if all the textures were previously in one folder..

    so + 1 vote for me for a re-assigning textures button