Where to find enscape objects in enscapr for rhino

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to add sound track to my rendering(prepared for VR presentation), but couldnot find the enscape objects button as in enscape for skecthcup. Could somebody help me with it? Thanks:)

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    The "Enscape objects" are only available in SketchUp. This way, we are able to provide (among the ability to link projects or place sound sources, not yet available in Rhino) lights which are not available through SketchUp itself, but in Revit, ArchiCAD and Rhino you already have the ability to place lights which are built in, which is why it's not necessary to provide extra lights in Rhino.

    Further, there is currently no way to add sound-sources in Enscape for Rhino, so you may want to add a soundtrack manually with a video editing software for example after rendering the video(s). :)

    Finally, welcome to our forum and gladly let me know in case you have any other questions.

  • {Edit - sorry - just noticed this was Rhino, miss-read that you were using SU}

    The button labeled "Enscape Objects" [the orange box and + symbol] will pop up a dialogue box that lets you add a sound source. These become a 'face me' component in SU and broadcast a sound in Enscape that gets louder the closer you are to it,

    (Note: there is no stereo directional sound and objects do not muffle or dampen the sound: Sound Source ideas & Sound stereo does not work properly!!!)