Oculus Quest working wirelessly with Virtual Desktop! - Two (minor) hiccups to iron out - 1 hiccup SOLVED

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  • Ah ok. I just thought that an extender needed to extend something :)

    So you just plug-in the extender to a power socket, connect the laptop and extender with a cord, and then you can have a super 5Ghz connection between the laptop and the Quest. And the you create a WiFi spot for VD to start up - and you are good to go?

    Man interesting things are happening these years.

    In a few years we architects might be able to walk around as a group, and design inside VR. That could be cool. Being able to modify the Revit or Sketchup model directly inside VR would be so cool. Seen that people already can collaborate in VR (gravity sketch- not sure it its a public function now) is very interesting.

    But one step at a time - being able to walk around wireless, and no need to setup a lot of hardware, is also a big step forward.

  • Did you configured the AC1750 as extender/repeater or as hotspot? Thanks in advance. I've tryed out all the day as hotspot withour any sucess

  • Autoanswer for me: it runs as Extender!. Absolutely breathtaking, my fellow! Thank you, thank you. It begins a new era. Next step: edge computing for hosted rendering and 5G.