LUT Import (Better Image Control without More Knobs and Sliders)

  • I would like the ability to use a custom LUT. This LUT could be applied to the image after the standard visual settings are applied. Ideally this would be a 3d LUT file compatible with photoshop.

    Here is my use case, and it would make the pipeline from Enscape EPIC :-)

    Currently, when we export an exr we must then attempt to recreate the look we achieved already in Enscape. This has limited use for a realtime pipeline. Ideally we would be able to get as close as possible to our final look within Enscape with minimal post afterward. Many users are iterating through their design cycle and do not have time or patience to redo post production over and over.

    With the ability to import an LUT, one would be able to get much more refined imagery without having to redo post production.

    Here is how I see it working.....

    1) Adjust current Visual Settings until one is happy with the look

    2) Export EXR (without LUT applied)

    2) Edit 32 bit file in Photoshop until one gets the "look"

    3) Create a 3d LUT

    4) import LUT into Enscape.... the end goal is that this would make Enscape's output closely match the "Look" achieved by editing the 32 bit file in photoshop

    Benefit #1 : Realtime output could be improved. This would preserver the "look" that was achieved in post, but in realtime within the Enscape environment... rather than having to redo the same post production for each design iteration.

    Benefit #2 : The UI would not need additional controls added, while allow for more fine grain control of imagery

    Benefit #3 : Animation output could match that of EXR still images editing in post. Currently we are not able to export (and I likely would not want to) a sequence of exr images for animation. This workflow would allow us to export 8bit animation sequences which include the same "look" we can achieve by exporting 32 bit exr and editing in post.

    Note: if the application of this LUT caused the performance to drop, this would be acceptable because we would be avoiding additional post production, and this would be for renderings we were already happy with the look of. Overall the time involved would be much shorter even if the rendering took several times as long.