Web standalone is great - two suggestions

  • The web standalone is great for collaboration clients during the design process. No need for special software/hardware. I really like it.

    I do have two suggestions for improvement.

    1. Please add the loading screen option like with the standalone executable. It is more professional if clients see my company logo. I don't mind if you add the Enscape logo as well.

    2. Please anable navigation through WASD. 'Q' and 'E' are also used. It is logical to have WASD as well.

  • I would also include [space] (up) and [shift] (down)...

    But I think it could be a huge advantage if they opened up the key-mapping so that you could load/save your own key-stroke combinations. It would also allow for strange keyboards and other languages. (Perhaps showing my age, but Even old ZX Spectrum programs had the option to map controls.)