Enscape Settings in Rhino

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  • I have recently encountered an issue where I cannot open Enscape settings within Rhino6. Both were working as intended last time I used them, and I'm on the current version of both. I am able to open settings on Revit, and noticed that there is a new separation between General and Visual Settings. I was able to update and add the buttons in Rhino to reference the general and visual settings dialog, but just thought to bring it to your attention.

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    dmfoxlin , thanks for the report - in this case, there might've been a problem with an older version of Enscape overlapping with the new release. If you experience this again, could you try doing a full uninstall of any version of Enscape that is installed on your machine, and then re-install Enscape again using our latest release?

  • mfenton - Can you try the following:

    Uninstall version 2.6 of Enscape via the installer.

    Reboot the machine.

    Reinstall a version prior to 2.6. I would suggest this version.

    Then Uninstall that version via the Uninstall.exe file.

    Reboot the machine

    Install version 2.6 and see if that resolves this issue.

    It is worth noting that the Settings Commands are now:



    As your screenshot appears to show that you have that confused.

    Let me know if that makes any difference to this issue you are having.